Terry Kuntz :: Bio

Terry grew up with a family of artists, submerging himself in the arts from a young age. He spent most of his early years in the artistic community of Southern Oregon, apprenticing with his father, Steve Kuntz, and assisting many other artists in a variety of mediums. He studied graphic design in college and found the design principals of modern technology directly impact his free-form sculpting techniques.

Redwood is Terry's medium of choice. He finds it to have a timeless quality and an intriguing lure. Much of his wood comes from the Pacific North West coast. He often works with abstractly shaped roots or partly decomposed limbs. Terry allows the shape of the wood to influence or dictate what he can do with it. He then transforms the volatile nature of the wood into abstract figures and designs.

Terry spends most of his time working from his studio in Southern California. Recently he has been focusing on the study of figures in motion. Terry captures the essence and beauty of the female figure flowing through the ancient wood that he sculpts.

Terry Kuntz
Detail of sculpture